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Take our free 5-minute assessment to discover your generosity strengths.

How do you live a generous life?

Generosity Expressions focuses on the how rather than the how much. Through a multi-year research study we discovered that generosity looks different for each person. When you take our assessment you receive a breakdown of:

  • Your unique preferences for generosity expression
  • The strengths of your generosity expression style
  • How your strengths compare to others in your community
  • Tips for how you can live out and develop your giving style

See more about our individualized generosity profiles and the way we generate your results here.

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Church Report for Church Leaders

Discover how your church lives generously.

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Use the Church Report to:

  • Learn how your church community views generosity, their faith, and their financial health
  •  the preferred generosity styles of your church community and how that differs for each generation
  • Explore insights for engaging your church community to help them steward their gifts
  • Create new discipleship and engagement opportunities for all generations
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Our Research & Mission

We believe that generosity is an important expression of faith. Our mission is to help church communities thrive by unlocking individual generosity gifts. So, we partnered with Barna on a multi-year research effort to understand how and why people choose to be generous, and how generosity differs across generations or life stages. 

Liz, Community Engagement Leader

"The Generosity Expressions Profile helped give new language and insight to my best ways expressing generosity. I’m seeing new opportunities for living selflessly toward others who I already see in my day-to-day: at the grocery store, at my workplace, in coffee shops, and even within the confines of my own home."

Liz, Community Engagement Leader

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