For Individuals

For Individuals

 The Generosity Expressions™ Profile is a quick assessment designed to give you a creative picture of your generosity 

Explore how you prefer to give through 5 major expression types

Learn how your generosity relates to others

Complete in just 6 minutes

For Individuals

For Church Professionals

The Generosity Expressions™ Church Report is designed to give you specific insights about your church community’s generosity

Explore what generosity means to different generations

Receive custom data on your church’s generosity 

Use insights and ideas for growing your culture of generosity


How do we collectively understand what it means to live a generous life?

The Generosity Gap - Thrivent

Thrivent and Barna have partnered together for the past few years to study generosity across all generations to better understand how each of us seeks to give to others as an expression of our faith.

Read our Generosity Research Whitepaper 

We would like to introduce you to the 5 Primary Expressions of Generosity:

Liz, Community Engagement Leader - Generosity Expressions

"The Generosity Expressions Profile helped give new language and insight to my best ways expressing generosity. I’m seeing new opportunities for living selflessly toward others who I already see in my day-to-day: at the grocery store, at my workplace, in coffee shops, and even within the confines of my own home." 

- Liz, Community Engagement Leader 

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