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Generosity Expressions concept was developed by Thrivent Financial in 2018. Over the past few years we have partnered with Barna to study how different generations think and behave when it comes to generosity. It may come as a surprise, but we do not all think about generosity the same way. Generosity Expressions is a creative framework to help us understand the different ways U.S Christians live out their generosity as an expression of their faith journey.

The Generosity Expressions Profile:

The assessment scores one’s profile using 4 major components of generosity: Passion, Impact, Giving, and Receiving. Through our research we found that each of us give some measure of consideration to how passionate we are for aspects of generosity, we take time to consider the perceived impact our actions may have. Within the assessment we also consider which aspects of generosity we actually do, we consider this the giving aspect. Finally, we traditionally think of generosity through the lens of what we give to others but we cannot forget that we are also the recipients of others’ generosity and we call this the receiving aspect. Generosity is an evolving journey for each of us and the assessment experience is designed to reflect this. Think of the results as one’s “current state” of generosity. This assessment can be taken on an annual basis to see growth and change over time.

Simply click "Take the Assessment" on the Home Page and it will take you to the Profile experience. Or click HERE.

It takes about 6-minutes to complete and then you receive a custom readout of your generosity!

We do not have a paper version available at this time.

Your answers will help us continue to study the generosity of people across the country. Your answers will remain anonymous.

Upon completion of the profile experience we will give you an option to send results to your inbox. If you have that email, you will always have your results! You will also be given the option to print your results.

Yes! We encourage you to share with family and friends – It makes for a great conversation with others.

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