Who We Are

Generosity Expressions was built on the belief that understanding how individuals and generations uniquely approach generosity can help church communities thrive. We teamed up with Barna on a multi-year, multi-generational research study to better understand how Christians live generously. Our goal is to empower individuals and church communities with a better understanding of their generosity style so they can more fully live out their gifting.

Generosity Expressions live under the Thrivent family tree. At Thrivent, we believe money is a tool, not a goal. Driven by a higher purpose at our core, we are committed to providing advice, investments, insurance, banking and generosity programs to help people make the most of all they’ve been given.

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The 5 Generosity Expressions

The Generosity Expressions framework is inspired by multiple years of research examining the generous behavior of thousands of U.S Christians across every generation from Gen Z to Elders. We discovered that generosity can be simply defined as “giving to others”. Although this is a very brief definition, it finds a wide array of creative expressions from one person to the next. Through our research we know that people tend to be generous through 5 primary expressions, and each person’s “mix” is different.

Your Personal Profile

Being a generous person is much more than how many dollars you give and the number of hours you serve. The Generosity Expressions Profile is designed to focus on the unique and creative ways you live generously.

Creating your profile lets you see your assessment results and gain inspiration for how to live generously in your day to day life. You will also have the chance to join our 7 day generosity challenge! See more on that below.

The 7 Day Generosity Challenge

Each day you will receive a small challenge based on one of the generosity expressions. To help you make the most of each challenge you will also receive a little background information based on our research and tips on how to live out that expression in your daily life.

You can try each challenge on your own or share the experience with friends and family. The 7 day challenge aims to help you to explore new ways of spreading generosity with your loved ones and your community!

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