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Complete the assessment in 4-minutes and receive inspiration for your generosity.

How do you live a generous life?

Through a multi-year research study we discovered that generosity shows up every day of the week. Your generosity through the 5 major expressions has a positive impact on the people around you and your community – Be inspired!

For Church Leaders

Discover how your church lives out generosity.

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The Generosity Expressions Church Report delivers:

  • Explore what generosity means to different generations
  • Create a growing culture of generosity
  • Think through new ministry opportunities
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Generosity and thriving communities

Thrivent and Barna have partnered on a multi-year research project on generosity to understand how and why we choose to be generous across generations and stages of life. Our work was done in the belief that generosity is a creative expression of faith that helps our communities thrive.

Liz, Community Engagement Leader

"The Generosity Expressions Profile helped give new language and insight to my best ways expressing generosity. I’m seeing new opportunities for living selflessly toward others who I already see in my day-to-day: at the grocery store, at my workplace, in coffee shops, and even within the confines of my own home."

Liz, Community Engagement Leader

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